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Final Project Reflection

Final Project Reflection One of the first steps I took to make my final project was coming up with an idea that I could work with and that I would greatly enjoy. I just so happened to find the idea of healing stones incredibly interesting and as I was looking for ideas, it clicked in my head that healing stones would be the perfect topic for my final website project. Once I had my idea set that I would make a healing stone store, I wanted to make sure it had a real purpose as well as true information about all the different stones that I would put on the page. That is where I started my research. I had already known a few things about healing stones, but not enough to create a website for. Once done with filling out the proposal for my idea, I started the create the home page of my webpage. My original Idea was to use pastel colors, but I ended up using earth tone colors in order to fit with the theme. I went on coolors and found the perfect color scheme to fit my website along with …
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Biography Project Reflection

Biography Project Reflection
I started off this project by making sure that I had finished all my lessons then thought about who I would like to make my project about. I thought about people I admired and settled on the lead singer of one my favorite bands, Gerard Way. 
Most of the problems I encountered while making my page included lost pictures and text that would not fit into the container I set up on the page. Overall, these were easy fixes and my past lessons helped me fix them. If the answer was not in my last lessons, I would look through my code to try and see what I had done wrong to make the page not look the way I want. 
The part of my page that I am most proud of is the overall aesthetic layout of the page. It took me a long time to try and figure out a style that worked well with the pictures I chose as well as the fonts. I think that it was one of the hardest things I had to do, therefore I'm most proud of it! 
I liked the project a lot and I think it helps students bri…

Leading Lines

In both photos, I decided to use the lines on my deck as leading lines in order to draw the viewers attention towards the focal point of the image; my dogs. Personally, I believe that the second picture came out much better than the first because of the angle it was taken at. I focused on making sure to have leading lines coming from the corners of my image, both have leading lines coming in from the bottom corners. Overall, I think that leading lines do help make an image more interesting if they are used correctly. 

Rule of Thirds

The two images above demonstrate the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is that the photo should have a focal point that is set on one of the crosshairs if an image were to be separated into a 3 by 3 group of squares. In the first image, I set it up so that my hand would be the focal point. I placed my hand so that it would be centered on the imaginary crosshairs, this making it apply to the rule of thirds. For the second image, I also used by hand, but this time I tried to make it smaller and only hit the top right crosshair. Overall I believe that the pictures came out better than they would have if I were to just take them without the knowledge of the rule of thirds. I think that that the rule of thirds definitely allows the photographer to take better-angled shots and also make their pictures more interesting.

Point of View

The reason I chose this statue of a mermaid is that I knew that I wanted to take a picture of something outside, but I also knew that I wanted whatever it was that I was going to take a picture of, to stick out in contrast to the background. I took multiple different pictures of different objects, but the three above were the ones that I thought best conveyed what I was going for. The first photo above was taken at an angle below the statue. I thought it was interesting how the angle made the ball she's leaning on as well as herself much larger than they actually were. The second photo was taken from a half-side, half-front view. I thought this photo was interesting because it conveyed her appearance more than the first picture did. This picture had added details that were not in the first picture because of the way it was taken. Lastly, the final picture was taken from a front-on perspective. I thought that this one showed the most detail on the clothes she wore as well as her e…

Pixlr: Lesson 6

Pixlr: Lesson 5